It’s Valentine’s Day! The perfect day to talk about why modern humans are losing their ability to form healthy and functioning relationships. (Damn, that escalated quickly!)

With the Mo Magnon blog, I want to help you regain the health state of your Cro Magnon ancestors. Unlike them, we live in an environment that induces all kinds of atrophy processes which are making us weaker and sicker every day.

So far, I have only talked about the body on this blog. But it‘s not only our physical well-being that is deteriorating. This modernity-induced atrophy also eats away at our mental health, our ability to connect with each other, and ultimately, our very human spirit.

If you are a man or a woman and you’re wondering why in modern dating and relationships the opposite sex is behaving in weird ways that don’t make any sense to you, then read on.

But be warned: This is not a place where you can point your finger at the opposite sex and only complain about their behavior. The fact of the matter is that both sexes are deteriorating.

So if you can‘t take a good look at yourself in the mirror and analyze your own behavior then this article is not for you.

Are you still on board?

Then congratulations! You belong to the remaining 5% of people who dare to read on.

Nature VS Nurture

Usually, this would be the point where I write “let‘s dive into it.“

But today I want you to do the opposite. I want you to mentally zoom out of the action so you can look at humanity from afar and see it as one large super-organism. Within that super-organism, every individual person is a tiny cell acting in accordance with the cells surrounding it.

Together we all form collective behavioral patterns and get most of our ideas from the human hive mind. Nobody can escape this fact no matter how much we like to view ourselves as autonomous individuals.

Right now, this human super-organism is in a state of atrophy. The modern world leads not only to an atrophy of our muscles (due to sedentary lifestyles) but also to an atrophy of our sexual dimorphism. In other words, men lose their masculinity and become more feminine while women lose their femininity and become more masculine. To understand this process better let’s look at similar scenarios in animal populations.

There are several animal species where individuals can alter their sex based on environmental changes. The Bearded Dragon lizard, the Green Sea Turtle, the Sea Bass, the Clownfish, and many other species can alter their sex when environmental changes call for it (e.g. hotter temperatures turn male Bearded Dragons into females).

Humans react in similar ways to environmental changes, albeit less dramatically. Without enough environmental pressure, we tend to lose our sexual dimorphism. Prosperous societies create more androgynous people. The gender roles evaporate and the boundaries between the sexes start to blur.

Poorer countries stand in sharp contrast to this, with sexual dimorphism and the resulting gender roles being much more pronounced.

As soon as a low-pressure environment turns into a high-pressure environment humans will react with an increase of their sexual dimorphism and a return to traditional gender roles.

If WW3 broke out tomorrow you wouldn‘t see any feminists demanding “Equality™“ anymore. Instead, most women would say: “Well actually, being a traditional housewife is great. I don‘t want to go to war like a man and lose my left leg on the battlefield. Making a sandwich sounds much more enjoyable than slowly bleeding to death from a gunshot.“

And no, this isn‘t me saying this. In early 2020, when the world was briefly scared of a possible WW3 outbreak you could observe how women were creating all kinds of memes similar to this:

But I wouldn‘t be Mo Magnon if I could only prove my point with some memes. So let‘s take a brief look at some hard science before we can finally move on to the question of why modern dating has become so weird.

The following studies on animal behavior show what happens when animals are exposed to unnatural environmental stimuli:

  1. Pottenger‘s Cats by Francis M. Pottenger
  2. The Mouse Utopia by John B. Calhoun

I will only go very briefly over the key points of those experiments but you can research them more in-depth if you want more information.

Pottenger‘s Cats are pretty well-known among people in the health and nutrition community. Francis Pottenger would divide his cat population into a raw meat group and into a cooked meat group.

He noticed that while the raw meat cats stayed perfectly healthy, the cooked meat cats would rapidly deteriorate in various areas. Their body weight, their bone structure, their general health, and their behavior would all be altered and morph into abnormal pathological patterns.

Pottenger noted: “Female cats show increased irritability and male cats become docile with a lack of sex drive.“ and “At autopsy female cats frequently show ovarian atrophy and males show a failure of spermatogenesis.“

The Mouse Utopia experiment is even more fascinating and terrifying. Calhoun, the conductor of this experiment, noted: “I shall largely speak of mice, but my thoughts are on man, on healing, on life and its evolution. Threatening life and evolution are the two deaths, death of the spirit and death of the body. Evolution, in terms of ancient wisdom, is the acquisition of access to the tree of life.“

In his Mouse Utopia experiment, Calhoun placed the animals into an enclosure where they had access to unlimited food and water, and protection against any outside predators or the elements of nature, such as harsh weather conditions or diseases. The mice had everything they needed and didn‘t face any environmental pressure whatsoever. It was all smooth sailing in this Mouse Utopia.

Calhoun started the experiment by placing 8 mice into his enclosure, 4 males, and 4 females. What followed were 4 phases that the mice civilization went through.

Phase A: Adjustment Phase (Day 0-104)
This phase lasted 104 days before the first litters were born. Calhoun noted: “These 104 days were marked by considerable social turmoil among these 8 mice until they became adjusted to each other and to their expanded surroundings.“

Phase B: Exploitation Phase (Day 104-315)
During this phase,
the mice population doubled every 55 days.

Phase C: Stagnation Phase (Day 315-560)
After day 315 the doubling of the mice population slowed down from every 55 days to every 144 days. This is the phase where weird behavioral patterns started to emerge. Males who weren‘t strong enough would drop out of the mating competition and stop reproducing.

But also the strong males would eventually be too exhausted from fighting off rivals so they would eventually leave the females they had mated with before. The females who were now all on their own to protect their young would become overly aggressive. Eventually, the mother‘s aggressive behavior would be misdirected against her own offspring which made the young mice leave the nest before they were finished weaning.

Phase D: Death Phase (Day 560-X)
In the final phase, most mice had been rejected by their mothers at a very young age. Since they were forced to leave the nest too early they were socially uncalibrated and showed the weirdest behavioral patterns.

The female mice showed atrophy of their maternal instincts and would either leave their young way too early or not reproduce at all. Most of the males would completely withdraw from society and not interact with other individuals anymore. Since these males didn‘t engage in any fighting over the mating rights they had no wounds or scar tissue. Instead, they would just eat, sleep, and groom their pelage.

Referring to their untarnished appearance Calhoun called these male mice the “beautiful ones.“
Calhoun calculated that around day 1780 the last male would die which would mark the end of any possible reproduction and the subsequent death of the whole colony.

Analogies To Human Behavior

There are striking parallels in the behavioral patterns of the Pottenger’s cats, the mice in the Mouse Utopia experiment, and modern humans.

When you look around you can see very similar phenomena playing out in society. Just like Pottenger‘s Cats who lost their sexual dimorphism, there is a collective androgynization going on in modern society. (Androgynization is not to be confused with androgenization. The latter means that everyone is becoming more masculine. The former means women become more masculine, while men become more feminine.)

Humans even show similar behavioral patterns as the mice in the Mouse Utopia experiment.
We live in a time where men withdraw from society in droves (just like the “beautiful ones” who withdrew from the mouse society). There are now fewer men than women in universities. Young men make less money than women in the same age range. More and more men lose the motivation to do anything with their lives and reduce any social interaction with other humans to a bare minimum.

And you have probably heard of the emergence of the MGTOW movement in the last 10 years. MGTOW stands for Men Going Their Own Way. These MGTOW men refuse to date women in committed relationships or even withdraw from the dating market altogether.

Japan is a window into the future. Around 70% of Japanese men describe themselves as Sōshoku Danshi, which means “herbivores.“ This label doesn‘t describe their diets but their sexual behavior. Being herbivore means that these men aren‘t interested in dating real women of flesh and blood but instead prefer digital women (pornography/hentai), waifu pillows, and sex dolls/robots.

There is another group called Hikikomori which includes both men and women who completely withdraw from society and don‘t engage in any social interactions anymore.

Attraction Projection aka. “Why people suck at dating“

Now we‘re finally getting into the nitty-gritty of this article and solve the question of why so many people are struggling with dating and relationships.

A side effect of our collective androgynization (not androgenization) is the phenomenon of attraction projection. Most people have never heard of this even though it is a very common thing these days.

Attraction projection, or attraction shortsightedness, means that a person is unable to look past their own attraction triggers and therefore projects them onto the opposite sex.

Here‘s what this looks like in action:

A man who suffers from attraction projection has an unconscious thought process that goes something like this:

“I‘m a man and men are visually stimulated. All men love nudes. Now, if men like nudes, then women are also gonna like nudes, right? So, let‘s send her a dick pic. That‘s a great way to break the ice, right?




That‘s a surefire way to get blocked!

What this man and many other men don‘t understand is that women are not hardwired the same way as men are. These men are so shortsighted that they are unable to see what is attractive to women. They only see what is attractive to themselves and then project their own attraction triggers onto women.

Now let‘s see what attraction projection looks like in women.

What do women find attractive in a man? Sure, women also like a handsome man, but a pretty boy without a masculine aura isn‘t going to cut it.

Women are attracted to qualities like assertiveness, independence, ambition, and being a badass overall.

When a woman suffers from attraction projection she will implement all these masculine traits into her own personality because of the false assumption “If I like these features in men, men will also like these features in me.” (Again, this is an unconscious thought process.)

That‘s why these days you see so many young women striving to be badass slaying savage queens who swear like pirates. YAAAS BITCH!!! They wear their attraction projection as a badge of honor.

Then there are older women who wonder why they can‘t find a man. Often times they say things like: “I have a 6-figure income, I‘m ambitious, I‘m tough and independent. Why am I still single? Where have all the good men gone?“

These women are only listing masculine features that they find attractive in men but fail to identify what men find attractive in women.

But what do men actually find attractive?

One of the traits that men find very attractive is agreeableness. (Did you read that sentence in Kermit’s voice? If you didn’t get this inside joke: Jordan B. Peterson often talks about men’s preference for agreeable women. And his voice sounds like Kermit the frog.)

This attraction to agreeable women in turn becomes a gateway for yet another manifestation of attraction projection in men. So many men suffer from attraction projection that they themselves become very sweet and nice and agreeable because they think that if they like agreeable women then women will also like agreeable men.

These men can’t even hold their own opinion if the woman disagrees with them. Instead, they kowtow to the woman and change their opinion just to please her.

“Yes, I also love that band.“
“Oh my gosh, SAME!“
“Yeah, Donald Trump sucks! Wait, you support him? Well, actually he wasn‘t that bad. The left is just crazy.“
“Oh, you were just kidding? Me too, haha lol.“

And then they smile and giggle like a woman and hope she will like them back.

What a man should do instead, is to be honest, and open about what he likes and dislikes. And if that means telling a woman that he doesn‘t like something (e.g. tattoos) then he shouldn‘t hold that back.

Speaking of tattoos, that‘s another symptom of attraction projection. Tattoos look masculine and give the body a rugged appearance. Women love this look on men (female attraction projection) while most men don’t find inked women attractive. But most men don’t let their woman know this because they fear her emotional backlash. So instead they just act agreeable and tell her that they like her tattoo (male attraction projection). There are countless other examples of attraction projection in both men and women, but you get the point.

This attraction projection is the primary reason why so many people get rejected by the opposite sex.

A man who suffers from attraction projection will either get blocked right away or the women he meets will put him in the friend zone because they aren‘t attracted to his feminine behavior. A woman on the other hand will experience rejection on a different level. She will still get sex because most men take every opportunity to have sex. Women experience rejection not on the sexual level but on the relationship level. The woman‘s equivalent of the friend zone is the fuck zone.

There are many men and women who are upset with the opposite sex and with each failing relationship they are growing increasingly bitter.

“All men are pigs!“ says the girl with the Prosecco in her hand. And all her girlfriends agree with her since they are equally suffering from attraction projection.

“All women are whores!“ says the guy to his drinking buddies who agree with him while downing their beer and being in denial of their attraction projection.

Both the men and the women fail to realize that they are the ones who are turning off the opposite sex with their abnormal behavior. Or should I say NewNormal™ behavior?

I know that many people won‘t like reading this. That‘s why I warned you at the beginning of this article. And remember, don‘t shoot the messenger. I haven‘t created the sexes and their attraction triggers. If you don‘t like it, talk to the guy upstairs.

So far, I have only talked about nature and the atrophy processes that our environment induces in us. But what about nurture? What about the influence our culture has on our behavior?

It’s not nature VS nurture but nature AND nurture

The old chicken vs. egg question is: What came first? The natural atrophy that influenced culture? Or is our culture actively encouraging this atrophy? I think it‘s both.

There are people at the top of society who want us divided.

Our modern toxic culture is actively pushing this atrophy process to destroy the spirit of men and women.

Let’s analyze the spirits of men and women and see how the elites try to break our spirit in order to control us.

Usually, it’s ladies first, but since men‘s psychology is simpler and thus easier to understand we will start with a man‘s spirit and then move on towards the more complicated spirit of a woman.

How our culture breaks a man’s masculine spirit

A man isn’t born with a masculine spirit. He has to acquire it when he transitions from a boy to a man. In traditional cultures, there are older men who are mentoring the younger men through this process. There is usually some kind of ritual act at the end of this transition where the boy within must die in order for the man to emerge.

Masculinity is indeed a social construct. A very important one. Without older men guiding younger men through the process of acquiring healthy masculinity, the boys will grow up uncalibrated. This increases the odds of their spirit turning into toxic masculinity.

When a boy successfully goes through his ritual act of masculinity he will be proud of his accomplishment. Pride fosters healthy masculinity.

The opposites of pride are shame and guilt. Since men‘s thinking patterns are very straight forward it is easy to destroy their spirit directly by inducing shame and guilt.

In Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged the fictional character of Dr. Ferris said:

“There is no way to disarm any man except through guilt. Through that which he himself has accepted as guilt. if a man has ever stolen a dime, you can impose on him the punishment intended for a bank robber and he will take it. He will bear any form of misery, he‘ll feel that he deserves no better. If there‘s not enough guilt in the world, we must create it. If we teach a man that it‘s evil to look at spring flowers and he believes us and then does it – we‘ll be able to do whatever we please with him. He won‘t defend himself. He won‘t feel he‘s worth it. He won‘t fight. But save us from the man who lives up to his own standards. Save us from the man of clean conscience. He‘s the man who’ll beat us.“

Our modern western culture is bashing men 24/7. Men are either portrayed as incompetent idiots (e.g. Homer Simpson) or they are the personification of evil.

In order to reclaim your masculinity, you have to embrace that you‘re a man and reject all the guilt that our toxic culture tries to implant into your mind. There is no shame in being a man and voicing the truth in a world of lies.

How our culture breaks a woman’s feminine spirit

It‘s not as easy to break a woman‘s spirit as it is to break a man‘s spirit. Because women are already born with their feminine spirit.

Even though women are the weaker sex in terms of physical strength, they are actually the stronger sex when it comes to resilience.

The female XX chromosomes show less mutation than the male XY chromosomes. Baby girls have a lower child mortality rate than baby boys. Women have a longer general life expectancy than men, and women can better deal with emotional hardship than men.

In prehistoric times it was very common for opposing tribes to fight each other to the death. While the men of the defeated tribe were usually killed on the spot the women were taken as so-called “war brides.“ This term means that they were raped until they got pregnant with the babies of their new rulers and became members of the new tribe.

Through this war-bride-phenomenon women evolved the ability to adapt to changes and better deal with grief and other emotional hardship. Men on the other hand would die as soon as their morale and their tribe died with them. The men were killed, the women were forced to adapt to their new life.

A woman‘s psychology is also hardwired differently than that of a man. There is a psychological inversion in a woman‘s mind similar to the physical inversion of the female genitalia as opposed to the male genitalia.

Many men lament that “women always do the opposite of what I want.“


The mass psychologists in our government have already figured this out and they know exactly how to manipulate and break a woman‘s spirit.

Enter reverse psychology.

Since the feminine spirit is too strong to be broken by overt discouragement, our toxic culture uses encouragement to do the job. Women aren’t discouraged by our culture but constantly encouraged. Here is an important detail though: All the encouragement of women focuses not on feminine traits but masculine traits. By encouraging masculinity in women you can retroactively destroy her femininity. You don’t destroy a woman’s spirit by directly attacking her femininity, but instead by building up masculinity. This destroys her feminine spirit without her noticing.

The manipulation is all happening between the lines, it‘s flying under the radar so that the
woman‘s mind can‘t detect what is actually going on.

And before anyone gets me wrong. I‘m not a conservative who says that
“WomenBelongInTheKitchen™“ or that “WomenShouldBeVirgins™.“

If you have followed me for a while you know that I‘m a libertarian and not a conservative. I have no problem with a woman killing it in her career or even being the CEO of a Fortune500 company. What I‘m talking about here is the feminine spirit. I would much rather date a pleasant, kind, feminine woman who is not a virgin anymore as opposed to a virgin who is disconnected from her femininity and hostile towards men.

Encouraging hostility towards men is another form of making a woman feel empowered even though she‘s being robbed of her femininity.

“Women don‘t owe you shit“ is a pretty good example of this.

Technically speaking, the statement is correct. Women don‘t owe it to men to be pretty and kind and loving, or to shave their legs and armpits. In fact, nobody owes anything to the opposite sex. Men also don’t owe women to put a ring on their fingers.

What if both sexes crossed their arms and refused to interact lovingly with each other because they don‘t owe each other shit?

The result would be the loss of our ability to love each other. The atrophy of love. Love isn‘t expressed out of obligation. Love is always selfless.

I want to mention the making of a sandwich thing (or meme) again because it’s so loaded with significance in our modern culture. Of course, a woman shouldn‘t be obligated to make a man a sandwich. But here is an interesting detail.

A few years ago my girlfriend at that time would bake a loaf of bread and literally offer to make me a sandwich. At that time I was already following a paleo diet and would strictly avoid all grains. As a paleo eater, I was the last man to tell anyone to make me a sandwich.

In fact, I had to decline sandwich offers left and right. It was like being the only sober guy in a nightclub who has never taken any drugs. All of a sudden everyone wants to pop your cherry by offering you substances for free.

Since my girlfriend was expressing her love at that moment by making me a sandwich I ate it and showed my appreciation. And it tasted really good by the way! Declining her offer would have been like a rejection of her love.

You also see that many other women all over the world love cooking and baking. As a nutrition blogger, I‘m following several other nutrition blogs. And one thing I have noticed over and over again is that most men predominantly write about the nutritional and biochemical aspects of food, while most women prefer blogging about food recipes. There are exceptions to the rule but the majority of men and women falls into this pattern.

Nobody is telling those women which topics to write about. They are their own bosses and are free to choose to write about biochemistry, yet they decide to share recipes.

So could it be possible that this is an expression of their true feminine spirit that wants to nurture and take care of others? I know from experience that this is one of the ways a woman expresses her love towards a man. And I feel sorry for all women who have been disconnected from their feminine spirit and view any form of food preparation as a form of oppression.

A woman shouldn‘t be obligated to do these favors. Let her express her love in a free way.
Conversely, a man shouldn‘t just listen to what a woman says out of pure obligation. When a man loves a woman he will show genuine interest in her and her thoughts and will give her his attention freely, not because he is obligated to give her his attention.

If we only operate from a place of obligation we won‘t be able to love each other anymore.
And that‘s exactly how our toxic culture is breaking a woman‘s spirit: through reverse psychology and false empowerment.

Self-mutilating your ability to give and receive love feels truly empowering

The goal of all this false empowerment is to disconnect men and women from their masculine core and feminine core, respectively. When you are disconnected from your inner core there‘s nothing left but an inner void.

People try to fill this inner void through endless consumerism but nothing can make them truly happy. That‘s how the system wants us to be: unhappy, insatiable consumers. We are disconnected from ourselves, and we are disconnected from one another. Divide and conquer. And let them consume. Forever and ever.

You know why they say “All ways lead to Rome?” Because the Roman Empire is still alive in our culture. It’s all about “divide and conquer” and “bread and circuses” (aka consumerism).

And if all that wasn‘t enough already, there is also the digital world adding yet another layer of misery to people‘s lives.

Porn and Social Media

Porn and social media have a very destructive effect on the minds of men and women. These two forms of media provide a distilled version of the things that men and women crave the most.

What do men and women crave the most from the opposite sex?

Men crave sex from women, while women crave attention from men.

I know that a lot of female readers will think “I don‘t crave male attention. I wish I would get less of it.“

I‘m not talking about the attention from random cat-callers on the street or the creepy dick pic dudes in your DMs. I‘m talking about the attention from that particular man. The guy you‘re thinking about right now while you‘re reading these lines.

There are surveys where both sexes were asked what type of infidelity they find most offensive. Women tend to rate emotional infidelity as the worst type of infidelity while men tend to rate sexual infidelity as the worst type. This is in line with what I just talked about what the sexes crave the most from each other.

From an evolutionary standpoint, it also makes perfect sense. Men have evolved to view sexual infidelity as the worst offense. That‘s because as a man you never knew for sure if the baby was yours or if it was fathered by another man. Women never had this problem. Every baby that comes out of her womb is her baby without the slightest shadow of a doubt. Therefore, maternity fraud is non-existent and women are less worried about sexual infidelity than men who never knew with 100% certainty if they are the father.

Women have a different weak spot than men. They are much more vulnerable during pregnancy and in prehistoric times needed a man to protect them from predators. To get protection from a man a woman must form a strong emotional connection to him. If the man would get emotionally entangled with another woman she would lose her much-needed protector.

That‘s why women place such importance on emotional loyalty while men find sexual loyalty more important.

Sex is a man‘s weak spot. Attention is a woman‘s weak spot.
And that‘s what porn and social media exploit shamelessly.

When a man watches pornography he gets all the sex he ever dreamt of. But it‘s not real sex with a real woman. It‘s fake digital sex. And it‘s such an overabundance of sex that his brain cannot handle.

During a porn session, it‘s not just one tab but multiple tabs that are open simultaneously. These multiple videos give the male brain the impression that he‘s having sex with multiple women all at once. This creates an overflow of dopamine which is essentially frying his dopamine receptors. The result of this is that he can‘t get as easily aroused by a real-life woman anymore.

Porn-induced erectile dysfunction is very common these days.

Social media has the same effect on a woman‘s brain because it gives her tons of male attention. And again, it‘s not real attention from a real man in flesh and blood. It‘s fake digital attention. And it‘s also an overabundance of attention.

She‘s not just getting attention from one guy, but from hundreds if not thousands of guys. Likes, follows, comments, messages – all linked to dopamine-inducing notifications. The woman is frying her brain with social media just like the man does with pornography.

(I‘m not saying that all women on social media destroy their dopamine receptors. I‘m talking about profiles that are created in a way to get maximum male attention.)

It feels nice to get everything you crave served to you on a silver platter. But keep in mind:
Everything that you consume will inevitably consume you back. You consume highly stimulating content, and the content consumes your dopamine in return.

It‘s a dopamine receptor mutilation in a way.

People who are most vulnerable to this are the ones who grew up without a father in their childhood. A boy who doesn‘t have a father who is mentoring him through the process of male development will have a harder time attracting women and is thus more likely to resort to porn. A girl who grows up without a loving father will try to fill this void of positive male attention by getting it from other men. As soon as she‘s old enough she will use her sexual charms to get male attention.

Both the man’s pursuit of artificial sex through porn and the woman’s pursuit of artificial attention through social media are unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Do human beings even have free will?

When you look at people like Harry Styles wearing dresses or women shaving their heads to ResistThePatriarchy™ you might be wondering: is their behavior really an active rebellion against their culture or are they just passively following the atrophy process of sexual dimorphism in their culture? In my opinion, it is the latter.

These people are drones without real self-determination. There is nothing avant-garde or rebellious about their behavior. They are swimming with the current like dead fish.

Harry Styles wearing dresses isn’t an inspiration (from the word spirit: in-spiration = adding to the human spirit). He is a de-spiration (=killing the human spirit). The modern world wages a spiritual war against humanity. Is it any wonder why so many people are miserable and suicide rates are climbing?

But does this apply to all humans? Are we all doomed to follow this atrophy process and become miserable? Or do we have free will? The answer to that question is: It depends if you’re aware and awake or not. Only when you are self-aware can you exercise your free will.

You have the free will to decide whether to follow our nihilist culture into a life of misery devoid of love or if you nourish your spirit as a man or a woman and attract meaning and true love into your life.

With this blog post, I’m not telling you what to do. Just like in my nutrition-related blog posts, I’m not telling you what to eat. Ultimately it’s your decision what you eat and how you live your life. All I’m doing is letting you know what results you will get from certain actions.

Do whatever you want with this information.

And don’t get too hung up on Valentine’s Day. My parents have never celebrated this day and they are still married after over 30 years.

8 thoughts on “THE ATROPHY OF LOVE”

  1. What about homosexuality, transgender and non binary people? Homosexuality (and transgenderism, probably ) are as old as our species. The roles “man” and “woman” do not strictly apply there. And yet, as a gay man, I can’t find more trash and loneliness than in my own “species”. Given your reasoning, the modern society should empower us, by bashing the “white hetero male” (and yes, that’s the primary enemy for a gay guy: women don’t often view you as a leper, capable of infecting their inexistent masculinity) and it gives us plenty of sex.
    And yet we are as miserable, if not more miserable, than heterosexual fellows. Why is that, in your eyes?

    1. This is a very interesting point and one that I have heard from several gay people, both men and women. A few years ago I lived in a shared flat with a gay man and he told me the same thing. Dating for him was a pain in the ass. (I’m sorry I couldn’t resist that pun! My flatmate and I would always make fun of both gay and straight people alike.) He had access to lots of sex, but relationships were so complicated due to communication problems. That’s why I don’t believe in the “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” model. If that were the case then gay men and gay women would have the easiest time communicating with members of their own sex.
      I think the problem lies in the energetic realm of masculinity and femininity, not the physical realm of maleness and femaleness. In gay relationships, there is the same gender polarity where one partner assumes the masculine role while the other partner assumes the feminine role. And this masculinity and femininity are distorted in our modern world. If toxic masculinity and toxic femininity are increasing in our culture, they are affecting everyone who lives in that culture. That’s what creates all those problems.
      The gay empowerment movement has been hijacked to push a leftist agenda, just like feminism. I fully support earlier waves of feminism and I also support the original gay movement. The modern hijacked versions of both movements are spreading way too much negativity and exploit their own members. So many women are turning away from feminism because it made them feel miserable. And my flatmate also told me that he didn’t like how the gay community was portraying his sexuality. He told me that Christopher’s Street Day was way too oversexualized. He just wanted to be accepted as a normal person without his sexuality being such a big deal. But the hypersexual CSD would do the opposite in his opinion and paint him and all other gay people as these crazy sex maniacs. He wasn’t a fan of all this.
      There is a group of homosexual men who reject the “gay” label because they don’t share the political views of the gay community. Instead, they use the label “androphilia” to describe their sexuality. It’s the same as gay, just without the political connotation.

      1. I’m with you about the politicization of our sexuality. Saddening, but we gotta exploit everything in order to stay in power. That’s the nature of humanity. Regarding the energetic aspects of sexuality (what I assign to one of the aspects of the principle of duality) in our community should, as you said, be similar to the “mainstream” sexuality. I am myself something more of a femmine energy, at least emotionally. But many guys search the “masculine”. Which is not only linked to looks, but s whole asset of behaviours and social norms relegated to men. That’s sort of cancelling our own female pole, and I don’t get why. As you said, the attraction myopia should make the person mimic the aspect that the partner has. This is the exact same opposite. Could also be said for heterosexual makes, which are often terrified of appearing somewhat frail and feminine. Why is that, given that the polarity should sort itself out?

  2. Very interesting. Maybe that’s why typical white German men and me don’t click. From my point of view German men overthink too much especially if and when to have children. Sure there are exceptions also in other cultures but rarely at least in my generation or older. So I prefer men from other cultures/heritage. They know what they want and are willing to take a risk even when life is not perfect and trust that everything will be alright. I was born in 1973.

  3. This is so insightful and makes complete sense. Thank you for taking the time to get these concepts out into the world.

    1. Thank you. I have just read the article, interesting read. In this new environment, everyone loses out. Only the tech billionaires who run those sites are the winners.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. So much makes sense. Especially the The Mouse Utopia. I mean as a woman, I have gone through fighting all of my natural desires/instincts, to attempt to essentially be a man (not trans just in the traditional male role sense).

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