Hello and welcome to MoMagnon.

Are you a truth seeker when it comes to health?
Are you fed up with all those echo chambers on the internet that tend to silence opposing viewpoints?
Have you tried out many different diets but never found the right one that works for you and your personal needs?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, then you will like it here.

On this blog, I want to share with you what I’ve learned about health in the past decade.

Now, before you ask: I’m not a doctor. (But if I were I would brand myself as Dr. Mo for sure!) I am a certified nutrition coach. However, most of my knowledge comes from self-education (reading books & medical studies) and self-experimentation.

But let me tell you a little story about doctors:

My grandma was a doctor. She was very successful and had her own practice. She knew everyone in town because all people would come to her practice to get medical treatment. And she was also a really amazing grandma and person in general.

However, one thing was wrong.

My grandmother was a chain-smoker and would smoke a whole package of cigarettes per day, sometimes even two.

When I was a little boy, this wouldn’t make any sense to me. I thought to myself: “How can it be possible that grandma who is supposed to be THE specialist when it comes to the human body put all that toxic smoke into her lungs? I mean, I’m just a 6-year old boy and even I know that smoking is really unhealthy.”

Sometimes, my sister and I would steal our grandma’s cigarettes and throw them in the chimney fire to protect her from the negative health effects.

Well, it didn’t help. Long story short, when I was a teenager my grandma died from lung cancer. It was really tough seeing her suffering under her cancer and the multiple rounds of chemotherapies.

This experience had a large impact on how I see the medical establishment. With an exception to surgeons (surgeons are badass and have saved my ass after accidents) and some doctors who are knowledgeable in nutrition, I think that the medical establishment at large has failed miserably.

More and more people are suffering from civilization diseases and doctors don’t look at the most obvious connection: diet and lifestyle.

Which are the two places that serve the worst food? Airplanes and hospitals. This should tell you enough.

So in the area of health and nutrition, I’m not really impressed by titles and credentials.

Instead of credentials, I want to convince you with the quality of my content.

Read it first and judge me later.

Alright ladies and gentlemen. Now fasten your seatbelt, and put on your blue light blocking glasses.

Enjoy the ride, friends.

~ Mo